Home Care

Home Care Visits are a flexible service for people who need some help to continue living independent lives in their own homes. It means that carers can visit at times throughout the day that you choose or on days during the week that you need care the most. Our care services are available across the Lancashire area. Whether it’s daily personal care, meal preparation, medication assistance or somebody to help you to get out and about, we are a domiciliary care agency who will create a bespoke care service that works for you.

Contact us on 01254 366212 for home care availability in your area or use the contact form.

Care to Suit You

Deciding it’s time for home care is one of the hardest choices you have to make in life. Accepting the need for a little support at home isn’t easy but sometimes, a bit of assistance with the smallest tasks, whether it’s some help to make the breakfast or to have a wash in the morning, can make all the difference and may not be as daunting as you might think.

Whether you’re looking for some support for yourself or for a loved one, we know that flexibility and choice are likely to be among your top priorities. At Pharma Homecare, we pride ourselves on being as adaptable as you need us to be.

Care needs differ from person to person. With a choice of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute calls (as well as longer calls if required), we have the flexibility to meet your needs. Some of our clients need four regular visits across the day while others need just the odd visit every weekend. Our care services are flexible, responsive and always catered for the individual and their specific needs.

Home care visits cover any of the following:

  • Washing
  • Dressing
  • Bathing and Showering
  • Shaving
  • Assistance with Getting out of Bed
  • Assistance with Prescribed Medication
  • Incontinence Care
  • Meal Preparation
  • Housework
  • Laundry
  • Shopping
  • Companionship and Social Support

Ways Home Care can Help

Personal Care

Sometimes, a little reassurance goes a long way. Many of our clients can still manage most of their personal care but have become anxious about slipping out of the bath or the shower or are unable to manage with certain areas. Whatever your needs, we can help. Whether it is just a matter of prompting and reminding you to do the things you can still do and want to do for yourself or whether it is providing full support for things you can no longer manage, our carers will be on hand to provide whatever care you need in order to carry on feeling good about yourself.


We recognise that many of our clients are concerned about the possibility of falling and this can be a cause of some anxiety for them and for their loved ones. Regular visits from our home care assistants can help alleviate these worries. Not only can a visiting carer help assist with tasks that may result in falls but should the worst occur, they can also raise the alarm and get help for you without delay.

Help in the Home

If keeping on top of the housework has started to feel like a struggle, daily home care visits can really help. Our carers regularly support our clients with light housework, laundry and shopping as well as everyday cooking tasks. Daily care visits can help take the anxiety out of the little jobs around the home so that you can go about your day free of worry.

Loss of Confidence

Finding that just one or two household tasks have become a struggle can affect your confidence and make you feel like you are struggling to cope. Like anything else in life, however, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of encouragement or assistance in order to make all the difference. Even if it’s just a reassuring word or a second pair of hands, our home care assistants will work with you to promote your independence and to keep you as active around the home as you want to be.